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"Trust, but verify"  Ronald Reagan

Oklahoma Press Seminar with Attorney General's OMA ORA presentation
Justice Steven Taylor on the importance of informed citizens (22 Minutes Check out 10 minutes in)
FOI issues in Oklahoma - Courtesy of FOI Oklahoma Inc
Town of Jet refuses to release computer data records in the form stored

Citizen concern in handling utility deposits on the August 2013 JUA meeting agenda
Comments on other meetings:  9/4/13   9/11/13   3/12/14  

Oklahoma State Audits  

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Assisting well informed citizens is the purpose of this site as well as stimulating interest in governing municipalities under the statutory town board of trustees form of government.
"Let the people know the facts, and the country will be safe." Pres. Abraham Lincoln, 1861

Oklahoma Statutes List
Open Meetings (Title 25 §301 ...)
Open Records (Title 51 §24a.1 ...)
Initiative and Referendum - Powers (Title 11 §15.101 ...)
Municipal Public Trusts (Title 60 §176.1)
Security for Local Public Deposits Act (Title 62 §517.1 ...

Statutory town board of trustees form of government. (Title 11 §12...)

The trustees are elected at large as opposed to by ward. The rules are spelled out in the Oklahoma Statutes referenced above. Official records are kept at the town hall.

This site contains a replica of some of those records and should not be assumed to be official. To inspect or to receive official copies you may, at your option, print a form and use it for the request. The adobe reader is required to view the documents or forms.
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Regular town meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 P.M. in the town hall conference room.
Jet Officers: History   
Office Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Clerk/Treasurer
580 626 4401
Officer Raymond Wilson Deana Miller Jim Blackledge Pamela Sands Evans- Expired term René Christine
Term Leap Year -1 Leap Year -1 Leap Year -1 Leap Year +1 Leap Year +1 Leap Year -1
Others Fire Chief: Colton Castle Utilities: Mike Keller

Elections OS11 §16-205 OS11 §16-206 OS11 §8-102 OS 26 §8-105
Election Date
* Incumbent
Votes Cast
2 Trustees
2021 term
Pamela Sands
(No Election)
1 Pamela Sands
2 No one filed
Not Contested
The regular 2015 election was canceled because the notice was not published.
3 Trustees
2019 term
*Deana Miller 53 70%
René Christine 47 62%
Rory Lovely 38 50%
*Jim Blackledge 25 33%
*Pamela Sands 22 29%
Stephanie Carson 38 50%
223 on
76 Ballots
2019 term
*Wanda GrayNot contested 0
2 Trustees
2017 term
*Lindeen Evans 43
*Matt Morris 44
Rene' Christine 40
1 Trustee
2015 term
Nina Britain 42
*Wanda Gray 3577
2015 term
Stephanie Carson 44*Donna Keller 3478
The February 2012 election results were contested. The values in parenthesis following the official counts are from the 5 absentee ballots cast. At least one individual voted both absentee and at the polling place according to a hearing held on February 23. Eliminating the one ballot would not change the outcome, therefore the tally was upheld.
(1) 2013 term
Matt Morris 49 (5)Harvina Britain 21
Linda Kiser 10
Jim Sands 2
(2) 2015 term
Paul Blackledge 30
Pam Sands 31 (5)
Stephanie Carson 21
Carolyn Crossette 22
Wanda Gray 29 (3)
Kenneth Lunak 14 (1)
Fae Strait 14 (1)
2015 term
Jim Blackledge 63
Carolyn Crossette 58
Dave Pitt 41
Wanda Gray 38
Pamela Sands 36
2015 term
Donna Keller 57M. Kay Blackledge 2885
2017146 No Election
2015? 76
2013160/140 78
2012? 82
2011157 85
2009 ? Uncontested
2007 ? 83

About Paul Blackledge

Jet High School Grad 1955
Enid Business College, Phillips University, and OCU night School 1955-1958
Universal CIT OKC regional office 1956-1958
Oklahoma University Grad - Physics 1966
IBM Kansas City Oklahoma City Rochester, MN 1958-1987
Open Meeting and Open Records Acts
Statutory town board of trustees form of government
FOI Oklahoma Freedom of Information
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